Truck shudder, trembling, vibrating

Categories: Off-Road

We often get questions from customers:

“I have a stock  truck (no lift) it shudders terribly on moderate and heavy acceleration from a stop and only from a dead stop. I put it on a lift (off the ground) and accelerated briskly and there was no vibration or shutter. What product will solve my issue ? ”


We can answer that the carrier bearing drop kit might help.

But with pick up trucks it is very difficult to diagnose if the vibration is coming from the drive shaft or from excessive axle wrap.

For RAM 2015+ we have even special axle anti wrap shock.

We can suggest to start with the carrier bearing, if the problem is not fixed we suggest removing it and adding the axle shims.

Unfortunately you cannot use both at the same time, so we have to start with one part and hope that the vibration goes away.

By the description of the issue sounds like the carrier bearing will fix it though.


Also axle shim will pretty much will change the angle of the leaf spring by 2 degrees up to 4 degrees depending on how bad is the angle of them leaf spring. By adding the axle shim you will be raising the rear side of the leaf spring and minimizing axle wrap that might be causing this issue, we will suggest to take the vehicle to a shop to a technician can diagnose how many degrees will be needed to fix the issue also if the leaf spring is worn out and has a negative arch we recommend to change
the whole leaf spring set up.

NOTE: Skinny side of the shim goes facing towards the front of the vehicle


Degree axle shim

Degree axle shim