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Nissan Pathfinder – a comfortable car with a solid design

Model description

The release of all-wheel drive crossovers Nissan Pathfinder by Nissan Motors started in 1986. Today, four generations of this model are present on the USA market: WD21, R50, R51, R52, the first two generations of which have the status of an SUV. Modern vehicles Nissan Pathfinder are equipped with a six-speed manual or five-speed automatic gearbox, independent suspension with powerful springs and stabilizers, gasoline or diesel engines with a volume of 2.4, 2.5, 2.7, 3.0, 3.2, 3.3, 3.5, 4.0 l. Reliable dynamic parameters, a roomy interior with three rows of seats, a solid exterior design ensure high demand for this car model in the US market.

Cars of this level require appropriate care to ensure safe operation, as well as a well-groomed appearance of the interior and exterior. Therefore, for Nissan Pathfinder machines, it is necessary to select only high-quality and reliable auto parts, accessories. On the US market there is a wide range of spare parts intended for cars of this model: elements of the body, lighting, wheelbase, engine, brake system, etc.

Spare parts for Nissan Pathfinder

Due to end of life, improper maintenance or difficult conditions of use, car parts fail. After the warranty period for a car, don’t look for a spare part for Nissan Pathfinder at a service station. Official dealers, despite the current discounts for regular customers, sell auto parts, inflating the cost of purchase from the manufacturer by 4-5 times. Also don’t give preference to Chinese companies, which, in order to save money and reduce the cost of goods, produce low-quality parts with inappropriate sizes and limited service life. The catalog of the website contains parts for Nissan Pathfinder from best manufacturers, for which production high quality standards apply, and products manufactured by Nissan are genuine parts. We work directly with manufacturers, so we offer spare parts for Nissan Pathfinder at reasonable prices. 

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Characteristics and size of auto parts for the car vary depending on the year of manufacture of the car. Our sellers can specify exactly which spare parts for the car will suit you.

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